Vue Stripe Checkout also supports checkout using Session Id.

Take note that Session ids are generated from the backend. To know more about sessions visit the documentation.

1. Create a session

You need to create the session in your backend. This session will return an id, use that id to checkout the payment.

2. Redirect to checkout

Follow the Vue Stripe Checkout example below:

You'll notice that when using sessions, you'll only need the session-id. This is because the session is the representation of all of the information (including success, and cancel URLs) about the payment to be done.

    <button @click="submit">Checkout!</button>

import { StripeCheckout } from '@vue-stripe/vue-stripe';
export default {
  components: {
  data () {
    this.publishableKey = process.env.STRIPE_PUBLISHABLE_KEY;
    return {
      loading: false,
      sessionId: 'session-id', // session id from backend
  methods: {
    submit () {
      // You will be redirected to Stripe's secure checkout page

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